Why a product brief is so important – the key to bringing your product concept to life

The start of a new idea or product concept always begins by putting pen to paper and evolves into a list of requirements and specifications that the product concept must meet for it to fulfil its potential.

These requirements and specifications are known as a product brief

However brief or detailed it is instrumental to make sure that all the product requirements are compiled into a document that can be passed on to your formulator so they can make sure they fully understand the product concept, purpose and requirements before they work with you to develop your product. 

Some of the typical specifications that need to be listed in a product brief include: 

  • Type of formulation (cream, serum, lotion, cleanser)
  • Desired claims you would like the product to make 
  • Specific standards and accreditations that the product is to meet
  • Target cost (bulk cost/Proposed RRP)
  • Packaging Requirements 
  • Key Ingredient requirements
  • Colour/Appearance/Odour profile for the finished product

Ensuring the brief is as detailed and refined as possible can keep the initial part of the development process lean and it will help the product development team to get it right for the first round of sampling. It will also ensure any formula revisions are kept to a minimum reducing development timelines. 

 Using our experience and expertise, our team will work with you to refine your brief requirements as part of our Bespoke Formulation Development Package.