Bespoke Formulation Development


Bespoke Formulation Development Package

Our Bespoke Formulation Development Package includes support with Product Concept Creation, Brief Creation, and Formulation Design

Using our vast expertise and experience we can guide you through product formulation development and testing requirements, and help by giving an insight into emerging and current market trends.

Global Cosmetic Developments offers a professional Bespoke Cosmetic Formulation Development Service, and we specialise in a wide range of Cosmetic Product Categories:

  • Skincare
  • Professional/In-Clinic 
  • Suncare
  • Self-Tan
  • Spa
  • Naturals
  • Personal Care
  • Male Grooming
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow
  • Mascaras, Liquid Foundations and Liquid Lipsticks

Cosmetic Product Testing

As part of our Bespoke Formulation Development Package, all approved formulations undergo 12 weeks of accelerated Stability & Pack Compatibility Testing, and Preservative Efficacy Testing to ensure your products have an adequate product shelf life required for the market.

We also work with Microbiological and Claims Testing Companies within the UK and Europe and can offer you further support during the product development stages by providing guidance on the specific types of testing that you might require; we can also organise this additional cosmetic product testing for you.

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