Scale-Up Capabilities


Our Pilot Scale Production Service

A pilot scale batch is a trial of your formula made to ensure that it is scalable for market.

The Pilot Scale Service that we offer enables us to scale up your custom formulas and iron out potential hurdles before moving onto larger-scale production with your chosen manufacturer.  These trial batches can be used for sampling purposes whilst you are in discussions with contract manufacturers.

Our Pilot Scale Production (bulk only) Service has been designed to:

  • Scale up your formulations to 10Kg, 30Kg or 50Kg batches depending on formulation design.
  • Using our expertise, we will provide guidance on the best and most economical scale-up protocol for the formulation, helping you to avoid costly pitfalls when upscaling.
  • We can offer up to 2 scale-up (bulk only) batches for each newly developed formulation that has been developed for you by GCD.

Range of Services

Our Pilot Scale Production Service further enhances and compliments our main services:

  • Bespoke Formulation Development
  • Ingredient Research and Development
  • Regulatory Support

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