Small Batch Skin Care Manufacturing


Our Pilot Scale Manufacturing Service

Our Pilot Scale Production Service enables us to manufacture for our clients that we offer our Bespoke Formulation Development Package to in small batch sizes for sampling purposes or for soft launches as an interim service, whilst they would be in discussion with larger manufacturers.

Our Pilot Scale Manufacturing Service enables us to create manufacturing scale up protocols from 1Kg up to 50Kg batches. This also allows us to iron out any scale- up issues before the formulation is produced in larger volumes.

We can offer:

  • Bulk Production up to 50Kg 
  • Filling & Labelling (depending on your packaging requirements)
  • Scale-Up Validation Protocols: Development of scale-up validation protocols of manufacturing methods for newly developed formulations which can help to iron out potential manufacturing hurdles before going onto larger scale production

Our Pilot Scale Manufacturing Support further enhances and compliments our main services: 

  • Bespoke Formulation Development
  • Ingredient Research and Development
  • Regulatory Support 

Range of Services

We ensure to offer a professional, personalised, well-rounded, Bespoke Product Development Consultancy, providing the very best expertise, and carefully delivering the latest innovations and quality in the products we develop for beauty and personal care companies all over the world.

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